Maggots as medicine?

Absolutely, it might sound like the plot of a sci-fi horror movie, but using maggots as a form of biotherapy has proven to be a promising avenue in modern medicine. This procedure, also known as maggot debridement therapy (MDT), has been used for centuries to treat various kinds of wounds, particularly those that are non-healing or infected.

In the case of diabetes, patients are often susceptible to developing chronic wounds, including foot ulcers, due to issues with circulation and nerve damage. These wounds can be incredibly difficult to treat, often leading to serious complications such as infections and, in the worst cases, amputations.

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Medical Services We Offer

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  • Leeches

    Leeches have been used for centuries to help improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain, particularly in patients with arthritis.

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  • Maggots

    Our Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT) is a safe, effective way to clean stubborn, non-healing wounds.

Disgustingly Healthy - Leeches and Maggots

n our fascinating series, "Healthfully Repugnant", we explore the tumultuous journey and unexpected resurgence of the use of maggots and leeches in Western medicine. It's a narrative that spins the tale of humanity's complex relationship with these minute marvels – a relationship marked by a constant ebb and flow between revulsion and fascination. Ever since the United States Food and Drug Administration acknowledged maggots and leeches as a medical device in 2004, an increasing number of medical professionals globally have overcome their initial biases, advising their patients to suppress their distaste and view these wriggling entities for what they genuinely are – nature's marvels.

The relentless torment of arthritis, stubborn wounds resistant to healing, limbs on the brink of necrosis - maggots and leeches possess the remarkable ability to cure and alleviate these conditions. Furthermore, they may harbour additional therapeutic potential that we have yet to uncover.